Afternoon Tea at Sketch – a review

Is there a time more acceptable to spend £100 on sandwiches, cake and tea than on your cousin’s 21st birthday?  No, I didn’t think so either so I booked us a table for afternoon tea at Sketch in Central London.

First impressions

You haven’t seen quirky until you have visited Sketch. Each room is unique and the pink gallery where we were sat was absolutely gorgeous! The perfect location to feed the Instagram fiend within you, I wanted to talk pictures of everywhere and everything!

Artist David Shrigley is the man responsible for the quirky artwork in the gallery, creating a totally unique and humorous experience. If my overdraft wasn’t already maxed out I would have left with my bag full of replica crockery.

Part 1 – Sandwiches

Beautiful presentation including a mozzarella and pesto panini wrapped las a present and hands down the best coronation chicken sandwich I have ever eaten. I thought the cakes would blow me away but it was the sandwiches we were asking for refills of. And that’s the great thing about Sketch, unlimited refills of your favourite treats! Other options included  smoked salmon and tarragon cream, cucumber and ricotta, and egg mayonnaise with quail egg and caviar.

Part 2 – Cakes

Sketch catered to my nut allergy perfectly and brought out a stand for Emma with all the cakes and sandwiches listed on their menu, and for myself some of the same with a few nut free random treats thrown in. If I’m honest, I wasn’t blown away and mine didn’t look nearly as appetising; I would be tempted to have risked a bite of Emma’s cheesecake that I was eyeing up but of course, anaphylactic shock and a trip to A&E would put a dampner on the day. The one downside of the two separate stands was the less impressive photos because they look a bit sparse (if only they could have predicted the amount of refills we would request). This led me to sneakily try and photograph the stand the girls next to us were given, to which no one batted an eyelid, such is the norm in Sketch.

Part 3 – Scones

Contrary to my ‘tough northern, totally down to earth’ persona, I am addicted to scones. Especially when you have the full works. At school I had a daily scone. Some days that would turn to two or three.. Our fresh, warm sultana scones were generously sized and  served with clotted cream and jams, I would highly recommend the fig jam!


Overall I absolutely loved afternoon tea at Sketch, it’s a treat without the pretentiousness of some of the other well known competitors and is totally unique. Every attention to details has been paid which creates a surreal journey from the moment you step through the Georgian townhouse doors. It’s obviously not a weekly hangout for tea and slice of cake but for special occasions I will definitely return.


Can you blog about Sketch without mentioning the toilets?

Search for Sketch on google images, pinterest, instagram… whatever the site you will be inundated with toilet pictures. To all you girls out there who live for the toilet selfie – this is the toilet for you.

I saved myself this final room right for the end of our trip after copious amounts of tea had gone straight through me. I entered and was for lack of a better description, baffled. Egg shaped pods under a tiled ceiling of multi coloured lights. A voiceover of the moon landing to add to what the attended informed me was a ‘space’ theme ‘Houston we’ve got a problem’ -oh the irony when this is overheard by someone trapped in a pod with no loo roll!



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