Dishoom – a review

I sat on the tube home sniffing my hands because they still smelt of the lamb samosas, I had no shame.


When I first moved to London all I heard was ‘Dishoom is the best’, ‘so worth queueing for!’, ‘omg you still haven’t been to Dishoom?!’. I didn’t understand how anyone could be so enthusiastic about curry.

On a cold February evening I was stood in the queue with my friend Sandra huddled in our coats with a glass of mint tea having waited approximately 20 minutes. This mint tea was swiftly changed for the glass of sherry option as we finally made it to the entrance. One by one we were ushered in and the receptionist so kindly informed us that we had waited 42 minutes of our 1 hour 45 waiting time. We were shown to some sofas where we wait to wait before reaching the bar, where you guessed it, we were to continue waiting to get to our table. It was here before we reached the bar that I really absorbed the atmosphere, it was buzzing with some amazing smells and the decor was stunning. Whilst at the bar we perused the extensive cocktail menu; the bollywood bellini I chose was surprisingly great and I regretted not getting another.

At the table we were faced with the tough choice of picking the best bits of the menu but our server was very helpful and advised us well. The lamb samosas and calamari were the first confirmed, followed by some very flavoursome chicken tikka, raita, a ruby curry, greens and rice.


Every dish was swiftly served to us and were incredibly flavoursome. Our only topic of conversation from the moment we started to eat was how delicious everything tasted and how we could wish we had room for more.

The general public with all their recommendations had set some very high standards and they were surpassed in every way. 1 hour and 45 minutes of queue time, to sit, eat and have my table turned within 25 minutes. And you know what, I would queue all over again.






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