Brunch is my favourite meal, and not just because I love to indulge weekly in smashed avo, sourdough and yolk porn! I love that it makes it acceptable to have an extra meal in between breakfast and lunch. Those who skip both in favour of just brunch alone are doing it oh so wrong.

My brunching experiences based on the list below appear to confirm my reluctance to leave Clapham while extremely hungover and feeling self pity on a Sunday morning but there’s definitely a couple worth travelling here for!


Brickwood – Clapham (branches in Balham and Tooting too)

To me, the holy grail of brunch places. I bloody love it. So cosy with a cute garden area and nice little touches such as glass milk bottles. My go to choice is the smashed avocado with chorizo and poached eggs on sourdough which you leaves you stuffed, but if you’re feeling extra peckish I would also recommend their special the butcher if it is available.


The Breakfast Club – London Bridge (various other branches across London)

These genius’ clocked onto the knowledge that breakfast should not be limited to the hours of 6am to 11am. It deserves to be available all day, everyday. If I want a fry up at 7pm, The Breakfast Club will provide it! Queues are often down the street with these restaurants but if it’s not raining they are definitely worth the wait! Huge menu choices and great drinks selection, though I tend to be a dull sod and stick to a classic english breakfast tea (the northerner in me still yet to be fazed by the flat white craze).


M1lk – Balham

I am a snob with a zone 1-2 oyster travel card and I resent having to pay extra to go outside zone 2. Imagine my surprise when I loved the baked eggs at M1lk in Balham so much that two weeks later I was dragging friends with me and offering to pay the extra £2.30 to travel with me! This one’s a lot like Brickwood with it’s cute quirks and their classic eggs benedict is a winner too!


Honky Tonk – Clapham

Appalling selection and their smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast was shocking. However their blueberry pancakes were incredible. How does one go so wrong with the basics but still their pancakes shine? I can’t explain it. But if you do find yourself here because the Brickwood queue is just too long for your hangover to wait, then ALWAYS choose the pancakes.

Eco – Clapham

After a year or so of walking past Eco and being intrigued by the Italian selection I gave it a go when treating my Dad to lunch – he hates cheese and I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic with the pizza offerings (can anything fare up to my love of Franco Manco – inevitable blog post in the making) so we went for the brunch menu. This occurred during my baked eggs phase, there’s something so nice about eating out of a pan in a restaurant, and my dad is a fry up know it all – 65+ years of weekly full english breakfasts teaches you a thing to two! Baked eggs look odd but I thoroughly enjoyed them, the full english however was not picture worth, when there is more plate than food you know you aren’t going to be running back.

No.32 – Clapham

I love this place. Drinks, dinner, breakfast, weekdays, bank holidays… you name it, I am there. I should have a loyalty card to rack up points for every time I’m here! Focusing purely on brunch, my friend Gareth once said he ate the best bacon sandwich of his life at No.32. A bold claim which needs to be confirmed, but I’m so keen on the other options I haven’t gotten round to trying it! Also no issues modifying the options for picky vegan friends like mine! Some may say I am blinded by love of this place but the atmosphere is always great, drinks are lovely and food always fantastic!


Mommi – Clapham

I bottomless brunched here and it was the start of a fantastic day. The Peruvian twist on food made a welcome change and the dishes looked incredible with their different colours. I chose the duck dish and left a very happy, drunk Adele. Mommi’s menu is a wonderful addition to the high street and is definitely on my wishlist to visit for dinner.


Bread Street Kitchen – St Pauls

Another bottomless brunch which led to another fantastic and rather expensive day, though this is what happens when you get pissed at 11am and Madison’s is one floor above you. If you had told me you could go to a Gordon Ramsey restaurant and have a bottomless brunch under £30 I would laugh in your face. But at Bread St Kitchen this is actually true! I had my spicy scrambled eggs, unlimited prosecco and UNLIMITED FREE TOAST (YES GORDON THIS WAS A FANTASTIC IDEA) FOR £27.90. Yes, you read that correctly. Gorgeous restaurant too and efficient staff. Though I did get the feeling that they were reluctant to keep topping up our bubbles towards the end. I don’t think they’re used to many customers insisting on drinking a minimum of 6 glasses each so they get their full bottle’s worth.


Del Aziz – Clapham: Underwhelming.

Tom’s Kitchen – Battersea: Baffled at how long I had to wait to be served such bland food.

Jackson & Rye – Central: I just didn’t get the fuss though my omelette was nice. Not worth braving the touristy hotspot that is soho on a weekend but I’m keen to go back to test out their a la carte menu.



Ben’s Canteen – Battersea

Duck & Waffle – City – for THE duck and waffle of course!

Caravan – Kings Cross

The Wolsley – Central – for those blueberry pancakes mmm

Bad Egg – Moorgate

Riding House Cafe – Central

Dishoom – various



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